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Many times taxpayers get in their own way, making mistakes which open them up to the extraordinary powers of the Internal Revenue Service. When this happens, the IRS can disrupt their lives like almost no one else.

This Special Report will show you how to avoid 7 big - and common - mistakes and so, protect yourself from the life-disrupting attention of the IRS.

It will also introduce strategies for handling a tax problem if one already exists. And, the report shares with you case histories - "from the trenches" - of taxpayers who prevailed, solving their IRS problems.

  • Identify 7 big mistakes taxpayers - both individuals and businesses - make which unnecessarily expose them to the unwelcome attention of the IRS.

  • Understand why it's so important to take action when an IRS problem arises in a way that is deeper than just knowing by instinct and reflex that the IRS is big, bad, powerful, and sometimes, nasty.

  • Take heart from case studies of taxpayers who prevailed against the ultra-powerful Internal Revenue Service.

  • Special alert about failed "solutions" so many taxpayers try, only to be disappointed, losing precious time and unnecessarily costing money - these are things to avoid as well.

  • Go beyond avoiding mistakes and failed solutions, to become familiar with better ways and effective strategies to solve tax problems, if they arise.

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