The Internal Revenue Service flatly states about its own practices: “The IRS does not send taxpayers e-mails about their tax accounts.”

So, if your email in-box has a message saying that its from “Internal Revenue Service []” with a subject line of “Notice of Underreported Income” you  can know, from the start, that this message is a fake.

This message is apparently being sent to gazillions of email addresses.

The text of one I received today reads as follows:

Taxpayer ID: arp-0000174073547US


Issue: Unreported/Underreported Income (Fraud Application)

Please review your tax statement on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website (click on link below):

review tax statement for taxpayer id: arp-0000174073547US

Internal Revenue Service

This is plainly a fake, and a scam, probably designed to steal the recipient’s identity, or install malicious software on the recipient’s computer.

Steve Ragan of The Tech Herald ( reports that this bogus message is being sent out at a rate approaching 90,000 an hour, and that the goal of it is, in fact, to trick computer users to install malicious software onto their computers.

So the quick thought here: don’t fall for it, don’t click on the link in this bogus email which is designed to do harm.