Installment Agreement

Sometimes taxpayers really do owe the IRS money. After working through the numbers, whether the amount due is what the IRS originally said, or whether it is some amount less than that a taxpayer may be facing a real bill for taxes due.

I can help you get the IRS off your back by negotiating a reasonable installment agreement which allows you to pay off the debt over time.

Negotiating and entering into an installment agreement can put an end to threats of levies on your bank account, garnishment of wages, seizure of your assets, and all the other things the IRS does to collect on a tax debt.

Note that I don’t love paying taxes, but I accept the fact that the government has the power to pass laws imposing tax, and to collect taxes due under the law.

I disagree with those who contend discredited arguments such as that the income tax is unconstitutional. Courts have heard and repeatedly rejected these types of argument.

People who espouse them used to be called “tax protesters,” though that label seems to have fallen into disuse. In any event, tax protesters, or whatever they might be called make rejected arguments and are treated harshly by the courts. For example, one of the more famous people caught up in frivolous tax arguments in recent times, Hollywood film star Wesley Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison for failing to file tax returns based on repeatedly rejected legal arguments.

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