It’s been sounding like a love-fest, Howard Stern and satellite radio. First, Sirius crushed its competitor, XM — which it could not have done without the weight of Howard and his loyal listeners. Then the two satellite radio companies merged to become Sirius XM. This has sounded like a love-fest: Howard can do his morning radio show uncensored by regular radio stations, unthreatened by the FCC, and without endless commercials jamming up his show.

Plus, since his first day on satellite radio, in January 2006, Howard has been saying how great it is to be appreciated by his new employer. Again and again, his listeners have heard him say that he’s happy at Sirius, and that the whole set-up on satellite has allowed him and his crew to do the best radio they’ve ever done.

In December 2010, after months of a cliff-hanger for listeners, wondering whether Howard would renew his contract, he re-signed to continue his show for another five years.

But the love-fest — let’s say the honeymoon at least — seems to be over. Today, Howard Stern, through his production company, One Twelve, Inc. (named for his birthday, January 12th), and his agent, Don Buchwald, sued Sirius XM in New York State Supreme Court for breach of contract.

The 21-page complaint alleges that Sirius XM has failed to pay Howard’s company performance based stock awards and has also failed to pay Buchwald an agreed upon consulting fee.

Is this why Howard has been complaining of insomnia in the last week.

Serious (not Sirius) Howard Stern listeners may now be wondering, where is Steve Langford? Where is Lisa G? Will Howard 100 News tell us about “all things Howard” including this?

(Special thanks to loyal listener and editor extraordinaire, Missy H. )