In these strange and scary days, now into the fourth week of go-home-and-stay-home, we’re still here. I and the little team that helps me are still working, working from home.

I am reachable by phone, by email, by video conference, mostly zoom.  Suddenly it seems we live by zoom, skype, duo, facetime, facebook live, and other apps).

While the IRS has suspended many of its functions due to the coronavirus/covid-19 emergency, it has not stopped. What’s suspended will be the subject of a separate post.

After the suspension ends, the IRS will be ready to resume. At some point “New York on Pause” — and other states “on pause” — will unpause, and business will resume.

Also, New York’s “IRS” — the DTF, Department of Taxation and Finance has also not fully stopped.

We’re still here, and working to make a positive difference in taxpayers’ lives.