A couple weeks ago, in early February, I signed up with article repository website, ezinearticles.com. I submitted a modified version of an article seen first here (yes, folks, you saw it here first), the article, “IRS to Bail Out Taxpayers?” A few days after that, I submitted two more articles, both about federal tax liens.

A week and a half later, yesterday, ezinearticles.com emailed me to say that my status as “basic” contributor had been upgraded to “expert.”

Ezinearticles.com’s published rules say that authors must submit ten articles before being eligible to be elevated to expert status. But me they did it upon approval of my second article.

It seems that their rules are flexible, and they liked what they saw.

They also promise to spread my articles around, syndicating them and putting them on their main homepage. Nice news.

And they gave me access to a page with html badges to publicize that I am an “expert author” and a “featured author.” Here is what a couple of these banners look like:

As Featured On EzineArticles
As Featured On EzineArticles

I’d like to put one of these banners into the sidebar of this blog, but after a few tries I’m stumped. How to do it?

This is a self-hosted wordpress blog and all sorts of things about making it are easy. This is one thing which is not. If anyone knows how to get the code for one of these banners into the a sidebar, I’d be grateful for the help.

Please let me know.