Update on spin-master senator who explained the cause of an oil tanker spill

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About two weeks ago I posted the amazing and funny video of an interview with someone referred to as “senator” who answered questions about a shipping mishap off the coast of Australia, in which 20,000 tons of crude oil was spilled because “the front fell off” of the tanker carrying it. See https://pearlmanlaw.wpengine.com/oil-tanker-spill-explained-by-spin-master-senator/

My post asked who this fellow is (regrettably, perhaps, we are not super-current on Australian politics).

A reader from Australia wrote in to say that this was a well regarded Aussie comedy team who “specialise in ‘Taking the Mickey’ out of current affairs.” He added that they are “Not liked by Aussie politicians.”

It turns out that they are the comedy team of John Clarke and Bryan Dawe. They’ve been at it a long time, and are regular contributors to Austrialian ABC television’s “The 7:30 Report” (self-described as “the ABC’s national flagship current affairs program, compered by one of Australia’s most respected and experienced journalists, Kerry O’Brien”). For a large collection of their political and news-event inspired comedy, see http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/clarkedawe.htm. They are all over youtube as well.

What a great thing, to be introduced to a clever, funny political comedy team from another country, on the other side of the world.

Thinking back, it all started when a former client emailed the video of Clarke and Dawe discussing how “the front fell off” to me. Then, once posted here, a reader of this blog clued me in to who these guys (Clarke and Dawe) are. Then, search engines and Wikipedia helped fill in some of the blanks.